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Brock Grain Drying Bin

Premium Grain Drying Systems from Brock and Shivvers

The experts at York Bin Co. carry only quality products from trusted manufacturers like Brock, and Shivvers. Offering both fuel-efficiency and ease of operation in both tower and low-profile grain dryers, you'll be able to better manage the quality and condition of your harvested grains.

Shivvers Blue Flame Dryer Systems

  • The Shivvers Blue Flame Dryer systems contain 5 and 7 million BTU dryer systems. Additionally, with the Counter-Flow Grain Drying system, a greater grain depth of up to 48 - 72 inches is achieved on an average, compared to other drying processes which employ depths of only 16 - 18 inches.

  • Shivvers Blue Flame Dryer systems allow you to obtain maximum efficiency in the drying process without over-drying the grain. Shivvers equipment use the automatic, computerized CompuDry Command Center, controlling both the grain moisture and plenum heat used to dry the grain. This conserves both fuel and electricity, and increases the resale value due to less grain shrinkage.

Premium Grain Drying Systems

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Quality Grain Dryers, Heaters, and Fans

In addition to Shivvers Blue Flame Dryer Systems, we also offer Brock and Sukup equipment. Available in both centrifugal and vane axial.

Brock Dryer

These systems are also offered with NECO wall liners.

SuperB Energy Miser SQ Dryer

Brock's innovative fuel-efficient tower and low-profile grain dryers come with easy to operate dryer controls. Brock's grain drying systems are the best way to manage the quality and conditioning of harvested grain. Check out their SuperB Energy Miser SQ Dryer.

Sukup Fan and Heater