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Quality Brock Grain and Hopper Bins

You can trust York Bin Co. to provide you with only the highest quality storage products, which is why we sell and install grain and feed bins by Brock. Brock is the leader in the field, producing stiffened bins that offer the commercial user the best built-in value over the life of the product.

Brock Grain Storage Solutions

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We carefully evaluate your site and your needs to ensure that you purchase the system that's right for you, and not the system that costs the most. We have been providing you with customized storage solutions since 1965.

Count on our experience to offer you quality services.

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Brock On-Farm Grain Bins offer 15 to 54 foot diameter non-stiffened sidewalls and up to 66,000 bushels available in 2.66 or 4 inch sidewall corrugation.


Brock Everest E-Series and M-Series grain silos are the tallest silos with capacities as high as 1.34 million bushels.


Brock offers an industry-leading 5-year warranty program and innovative features to help you maintain and protect your valuable stored grain.




Brock Hopper Bin Solutions

Brock Feed Bin Systems come in diameters ranging from 6 to 15 feet with 67, 60, or 45 degree hopper angles.


Brock On-Farm Hopper Bins are designed for wet or dry holding with a range of 9 to 21 foot diameters.


Brock Stiffened Hopper Bins range from 15 to 36 feet in diameter with capacities up to 58,000 bushels.

Bin Storage Solutions from Brock

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