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Professional Grain Management Systems

The professionals at York Bin Co. have the systems you need to manage your grain storage and drying systems, from trusted manufacturers like Shivvers and Brock.

Grain Management Systems for All Needs

  • New Shivvers Premier Controller with Shivvers Link allows you to monitor and change certain settings or stop the system from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

  • Both Brock’s Quantum Controller and Shivvers Data Link offer remote monitoring of your grain drying data via personal computer, tablet, or smart phone at any time, from virtually anywhere.

  • The CompuDry® Command Center controls all components of the system while constantly monitoring conditions such as grain moisture, grain temperature, and plenum temperature.

  • Shivers Low Level Grain Drying Control Box can be used along with a wet holding tank to maintain a consistent depth in the Shivvers to maximize your drying rate.

  • Shivvers Controlled Flow Grain Spreader has a variable speed electric motor with a remote mounted controller that can be adjusted for different grain heights. If low spots develop while drying in the bin, a switch can stop the rotating grain diverter and fill that area in a few minutes.

  • Shivvers Dual Inlet Centrifugal fans can be ordered with Soft Start controls to comply with some rural electrical suppliers.

Grain Management Systems

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We carefully evaluate your site and your needs to ensure that you purchase the system that's right for you, and not the system that costs the most. We have been providing you with customized storage solutions since 1965.




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