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GrainVac and Bagging Systems by Brandt

The experts at York Bin Co. offer the very best in GrainVac and bagging systems from Brandt. Contact us at 217-644-2270 for more information about our GrainVac and bagging systems, and how they can benefit you.

  • Brandt GrainVac Systems draw grains from the bottom of the grain bin that are missed by the auger system. It prevents grains from being left behind in the bin, and the system from getting damaged.

  • Brandt GrainVac Systems are available in 5200 and 8000 bph

  • Brandt GrainVac Systems give you complete bin unload or floor sweep application

  • Brandt GrainVac Systems with an optional Pile Driver for ground pile pickup.

  • Enables you to both bag and weigh your grain right in the field for faster harvest. This helps to increase your productivity and efficiency.

  • Available in 8500 and 30,000 bph models for bags up to 300’

  • Optional Brandt HP Truck Unloading Auger with swingaway and hydraulic hopper controls.

Quality GrainVac and Bagging

Trust your grain storage needs to our team of professional experts.

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We carefully evaluate your site and your needs to ensure that you purchase the system that's right for you, and not the system that costs the most. We have been providing you with customized storage solutions since 1965.




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