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Stirator & Grain Flow In-Bin Drying Equipment

York Bin Co. offers the most dependable DMC - the Design III Stirator, which has been the industry leader in dependability for over 30 years. DMC systems stir, circulate, and cycle the grain from top to bottom to ensure proper grain drying.

Why Choose the Stirator System?

  • The Design III Stirator system can turn a grain bin into a drying system for a minimum investment.

  • The Stirator ensures that the grains have even amount of moisture content throughout.

  • No wet tank is required! All that you need is a fan, a heater, and an auger to fill the bin.

Trust Our Years of Experience

York Bin Co. - a family-owned and operated business - has been serving your grain storage bin and grain drying needs since 1965.


You can depend on us to find the right solution to your grain storage and drying needs.

Stirator Grain Circulation Products

We offer repair services for all the systems we sell to you.

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We carefully evaluate your site and your needs to ensure that you purchase the system that's right for you, and not the system that costs the most. We have been providing you with customized storage solutions since 1965.





Upgradeable to Continuous Flow Applications

  • With the addition of the Grain Flow and Calc-U-Dri, you can turn your bin into an automatic in-bin drying system with capacities up to 700 BPH.

  • DMC's air system can be linked to the Calc-U-Dri for automatic transfer to storage bins.